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Fiber Division

Our Fiber Cabling Services

Innovative Professional Services

Fiber Optics

We offer a faster, more cost effective and less disruptive method of installing fibre optic cable. Fiber splicing, testing and commissioning - Fully kitted mobile teams ready to implement and commission your large or small project.

Our fiber optical cabling services include splicing, terminating and testing of trunk and distribution networks utilising single or multi mode cable. A to B can install fibre backbones or fibre to the desktop depending on your requirements.

All fibres installed are tested and certified to relevant industry standards.

Fiber Cable Placement

  • Fiber Placing and Jetting
  • Fiber pulling from building to Man Hole 
  • Cabling throughout the building to required destination
  • Cable pulling using Rod, Rope and Rope Duct.
  • Installation of Fiber Patch Panels 
  • Installation of Racks 
  • Installation of Fiber Ducts  and Conduits 

Fusion Splicing

Fiber Fusion splicing for both loose tube and Ribbon fiber. 

All our Vans are equipped with

Fiber Optic Splicing Machines for Single Fiber Splicing

•Innoview 5 and Fujikura 70s

Lasers and Power Meters

•EXFO FOT922 Max Testers

Fiber Optic Source Meters, Fault Locators, Fiber Identifiers

Safety Equipment

•Complete First Aid Emergency Kit

•Fire Extinguishing Units

•Fall Arrest System for Confined Space


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