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No matter how you gauge it, from quality products to friendly, professional service, SSN Networks is premier provider of electronic security systems and services. SSN Networks leadership has been - and still is - based on providing all our customers with uninterrupted safety and peace of mind. Our continuing commitment to serving its customers better is borne out in significant numbers.

We offer a wide scope of accreditation within the specialist fields of security services, electronic security and fire systems. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive range of services within these specialist sectors.

As a body our remit is to ensure high standards of service and business ethics within the security and fire communities as such we aim to attract professional installers and service providers, of all sizes, to give users a choice of reputable suppliers in their area.

To ensure that purchasers, specifiers and end users of security systems, fire detection and alarm systems and guarding services have access to a pool of competent, professional and ethical providers of products and services.

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Our vision & values

We want to provide you with peace of mind. We do that through thorough: quality equipment, world class customer service, and ongoing monitoring for our customers. Our great prices are second only to our commitment to service.


We will become the company most trusted to provide our customers with the best quality security systems, services and solutions to protect valuable assets, whatever they may be.



We will be the team that meets its performance objectives every time, every way with no excuses, no exceptions.

Integrity and Empowerment

We will do what we say.

We will empower team members to do what is necessary to exceed the expectations of external and internal customer



We run our business with passion and integrity.

We empower others to do their jobs.

We keep our commitments.

We treat others with respect.

We resolve conflict directly.

We listen.

We live our "philosophies of success" every day.

We make things happen.

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